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How Old Are The Naruto Characters?

We know:

That Naruto serialized for over 15 years and gathered a cult-like following. Fans of the show may wonder how old some of the characters are. Well, let’s find out.

Character NameAgeBirthday
Naruto Uzumaki12-13 (part 1), 15-17 (part 2)October 10th
Sasuke Uchiha12-13 (part 1), 16-17 (part 2)July 23rd
Sakura Haruno12-13 (part 1), 15-17 (part 2)March 28th
Neji Hyuga13 (part 1), 17-18 (part 2)July 3rd
Hinata Hyuga12-13 (part 1), 16 (part 2)December 27th
Shikamaru Nara12-13 (part 1), 15-17 (part 2)September 22nd
Rock Lee13-14 (part 1), 17 (part 2)November 27th
Hatake Kakashi26-27 (part 1), 29-31 (part 2)September 15
Tenten13-14 (part 1), 17-18 (part 2)March 9
Jiraiya50-51 (part 1), 54 (part 2)November 11

Naruto Uzumaki

How Old Is Naruto?

Age: 12-13 (part 1), 15-17 (part 2)

Birthday: October 10th

Naruto Uzumaki is a well-known anime protagonist. He is a ninja of the hidden leaf and the Jinchuriki of the nine-tailed fox.

We know:

Naruto had a hard childhood. He grew up receiving undeserved hate from the villagers around him.


He didn’t let this get him down. Naruto worked hard to earn the respect of the village. He has fought through many difficult battles


Naruto never gives up and always prevails due to the strength of his resolve.

Sasuke Uchiha

Age: 12-13 (part 1), 16-17 (part 2)

Birthday: July 23rd 

Sasuke and Naruto are two sides of a coin. They both had rough childhoods.


Where Naruto chose to see the bright side, Sasuke embraced the darkness. Sasuke chose the path of vengeance and chased his brother to the ends of the earth.

You see:

Itachi killed his parents and his clan. Sasuke channeled his hatred of Itachi and fought to become stronger. 


Sasuke ends up killing Itachi before he can learn the truth. Sasuke saw the error of his ways and wants to redeem himself.

Sakura Haruno

Age: 12-13 (part 1), 15-17 (part 2)

Birthday: March 28th

Sakura is a powerful kunoichi from the village of the hidden leaf. She loves Sasuke.


Sakura soon realized that she was over-relying on Naruto and Sasuke. She fought to become stronger while hoping that Sasuke would return. 


Sakura develops her fighting spirit as a medical ninja. She supports Naruto and Sasuke in battle and always has their backs

Neji Hyuga

Age: 13 (part 1), 17-18 (part 2)

Birthday: July 3rd

Neji was a ninja from the Hyuga branch family. However, Neji grew to dislike the main family because his father died when he was young..

We learn:

Neji believed that some are destined to be powerful. He thought hard work could not defeat destiny.


Neji gains a new perspective on life after fighting Naruto. He stops alienating the main family and accepts his father’s passing. 


Neji gave his life to protect Hinata. He was truly a selfless man and will forever be remembered in our hearts. 

Hinata Hyuga

Age: 12-13 (part 1), 16 (part 2)

Birthday: December 27th

Hinata is the heir to the Hyuga clan. Her younger sister often overshadowed her as a child. 

As such:

Hinata did not have a lot of confidence when she joined the academy.


She always watched Naruto and became inspired by his determination. Hinata decided that she would become strong enough to stand by his side

We see:

Hinata is incredibly shy. She develops strong feelings for Naruto but rarely talks to him during the show. 


She continues to watch him from a distance and finally summons the confidence to talk to him.

Shikamaru Nara

Age: 12-13 (part 1), 15-17 (part 2)

Birthday: September 22nd

Shikamaru is a natural-born strategist. He is easily the smartest among his friend group and often guides the flow of battle with his mind.


Shikamaru is also lazy and prefers to avoid unnecessary conflict


He graduated at the top of his class and was the first of his friend group to become a Jonin

Despite this:

Shikamaru both respects and admires his comrades. He was among the first few people to recognize Naruto and has supported him ever since.

Rock Lee

Age: 13-14 (part 1), 17 (part 2)

Birthday: November 27th

Rock Lee is an energetic fighter who always tries his very best. However, he cannot use chakra and is determined to prove that he can still be a great Ninja.

We know:

Lee was bullied in the academy because of his inability to use chakra. However, he trained his taijutsu religiously. 


Lee met Guy, a teacher that believes in his dream. Lee is an incredibly skilled fighter and easily dispatches most of his foes. 

Hatake Kakashi

Age: 26-27 (part 1), 29-31 (part 2)

Birthday: September 15

Kakashi is the Jonin in charge of team 7. He is an exceptionally skilled ninja, renowned for his ability to copy any skill he sees with his left eye


Kakashi wasn’t always a copy ninja. He faced a series of tragedies that ended with his allies dead

As a result:

Kakashi believes there’s nothing worse than a ninja who would abandon his allies.


Age: 13-14 (part 1), 17-18 (part 2)

Birthday: March 9

Tenten is a weapon master that dreams of becoming a powerful kunoichi

At first:

She mocks Lee for being so determined to beat Neji. She recognizes Neji as a genius and often looks to him in the middle of a fight.


She comes to respect Lee as well and recognizes his hard work and determination. 


Tenten doesn’t get much screen time on the show. There’s even a running joke about Naruto’s swing appearing more than her. 


Age: 50-51 (part 1), 54 (part 2)

Birthday: November 11

Jiraiya was a ninja heralded as one of the strongest in history. He was a legendary Sannin and became Naruto’s teacher.

We know:

Jiraiya is skilled in high-level ninjutsu and taijutsu. He summons frogs and can even utilize frog sage mode.


Naruto and Jiraiya meet, and he becomes Naruto’s teacher. The pair form a strong bond during the show.


Naruto learns a lot from Jiraiya. He becomes a father figure to Naruto. Naruto becomes deeply saddened when Jiraiya passes


All in all:

We can see that their birthdays are spread across the year and that the characters vary greatly in age. This is one of the reasons Naruo appeals to such a wide audience. 


Do you share a birthday with your favorite Naruto character? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Naruto Characters’ Birthdays

Which Naruto characters are born in January?

Some popular Naruto characters born in January include Minato, Gaara, Haku, Inoichi, Shino, Guy, Darui, and Danzo.

Which Naruto characters are born in November?

Some of the Naruto characters born in November include Lee, Jiraiya, Shizune, Rin, Izumo, and Kagari.

Who are the oldest characters in Naruto?

The oldest characters in Naruto are Kaguya, The Sage of Six Paths, Hamura, and Zetsu.

How many female characters are in Naruto?

Naruto has an extensive list of over 50 female characters.

How many male characters are in Naruto?

Naruto has over 40 male characters.

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