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21 Sexiest Anime Girls of All Time

A key feature of anime that helps it stand out from other forms of media is the memorable characters. Anime boasts some of the most unique and colorful characters in all media. This especially holds for its eye-catching best girls.

There is a long list of shows starring well-designed and executed female characters. Shows like Kakegurui and High School DxD resonate well with ecchi fans. While the fans come for the service, they stay for the personality and depth of each character.

These sexy girls are a thrill to look at; some have engaging character development that fans can connect with. So, without further ado, here is a list of the 21 sexiest anime girls!

Shiraki Meiko (Prison School)

Shiraki Meiko - Prison School
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Bust (cm)155
Waist (cm)60
Hips (cm)93

High School based anime can be some of the most interesting to watch from a plot standpoint. Also, having an all-girl school open up to male students is an interesting spin on the high school genre concept. 

Prison School is an example of a show that does this well. Hachimitsu Academy opens up its doors to four new male students. They find themselves surrounded by girls in a strict Academy that punishes infractions with time in jail. 

The boys ultimately get in trouble while trying to peek in the girl’s bathroom and find themselves at the mercy of the Student Council. Shiraki Meiko is the vice president of said council. She becomes their jailer in every sense of the word. 

Shiraki Meiko is a very attractive female character with silver hair. She has a figure that would leave the average male lapping at her feet. 

She has a domineering personality and takes pleasure in punishing the boys. Her cruel side appeals to Andre, the sadist of the group. 

Meiko also happens to be a martial artist and stays physically active. As such, she sweats a lot. As a result, her uniform is occasionally soaked during the show. She finds herself in some compromising situations with the boys and is undoubtedly an incredibly sexy Anime Girl. 

Erza Scarlet (Fairytail)

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Bust (cm)95
Waist (cm)63
Hips (cm)90

Fantasy-themed anime with magic has its league of dedicated fans. The genre offers a form of escapism and immersion into a world unlike our own. One show that stands out in this regard is Fairy Tail. 

Fairy Tail is set on a fictional earth where Wizard Guilds thrive. They are a useful facet of society. They usually take a variety of missions, and magic is commonplace here. 

Fairy Tail focuses on the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and his guild. He makes many allies along the way, and they tackle challenges as a team. Fairy Tail is a tight-knit guild with some incredibly powerful mages. 

One of their most powerful mages is the Erza Scarlet. Erza is a master of Requip magic, sword magic, and much more. She is strict and doesn’t hesitate to call out her guild members when they are lazy or doing something dangerous. 

She has an amazing figure and commands attention whenever she enters a room. Erza often wears custom armor and a blue skirt, but she appears in a long list of different outfits during the show, which she effortlessly pulls off.

Lalatina Dustiness Ford (Konosuba)

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Bust (cm)91
Waist (cm)59
Hips (cm)87

The Isekai anime genre has become incredibly popular in recent years. Unfortunately, while it does have some great titles, It can feel oversaturated. As a result, there is a new sub-genre of isekai dedicated to making fun of isekai.

Konosuba follows the misadventures of Kazuma. He is a shut-in NEET who dies and is reincarnated in another world with RPG elements. 

Kazuma teams up with a useless goddess and allies himself with teammates that can’t seem to do anything right

One of his teammates is Lalatina Dustiness, better known as Darkness. Darkness is a crusader that approaches Kazuma at a local bar.

Darkness has long blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She has a figure that would cause your jaw to drop. Darkness also happens to be a masochist and enjoys punishment of different forms. She chose to become a crusader because she derives pleasure from getting hurt.

Her antics are charming, and she can be incredibly kind when push comes to shove. She is also brave and is willing to put herself in harm’s way to save her friends. 

Mirajane Strauss (Fairytail)

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Bust (cm)92
Waist (cm)60
Hips (cm)92

Fairy Tail is a wonderfully made anime with various interesting characters. As such, there is a long list of beauties on the show. Another that deserves to be on this list is the lovely Mirajane Strauss.

Mirajane is another invaluable member of the Fairytale guild. She is an elite mage who acts as the guild’s bartender. You would often find her behind the bar chatting up her guild mates. Mirajane is perceived as warm and friendly by the others.

Mirajane is a master of Satan Soul magic. This gives her a massive increase in power and grants her access to unique abilities. As a result, she is both powerful on the battlefield and stunning in person. 

Mirajane has long silver hair, lovely blue eyes, and a smile that can warm the coldest heart. She often wears a dress somewhat similar to a maid costume. She also occasionally wears swimsuits and other sexy outfits.

Mirajane’s stunning good looks attract a fair share of unwanted glances during the show. She might seem timid at first glance, but she is frighteningly strong. We see this whenever someone is unfortunate enough to make her angry.

Nami (One Piece)

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Bust (cm)95
Waist (cm)55
Hips (cm)85

There’s no adventure quite like a pirate adventure. There’s a thrill in sailing the high seas with a trusted crew on a ship that feels like home. 

Pirate Adventure plot lines have representation in popular media. Unfortunately, no Anime has replicated that success to the same level as One Piece.

One Piece is a tale following the journey of the Straw Hat Luffy and his merry band of pirates. Luffy is a happy-go-lucky main character that believes in friendship. He meets and befriends his crew members at different points along his journey. 

One of the more memorable members of Luffy’s jolly crew is Nami. Nami originally joined the crew so she could rob them later and buy back her village. However, Luffy earned her trust when he helped defeat the man that killed her mother. 

Nami is incredibly attractive, and she knows it. She often uses her feminine wiles and mind to make off with incredible riches. She has long orange hair, light, bright eyes, and a cunning smile. 

Nami is somewhat fashionable and has been shown to wear various outfits during the show. However, she prefers short clothes, exposing a lot of her skin

Lilith Asami (Trinity Seven)

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Bust (cm)89
Waist (cm)55
Hips (cm)89

There’s nothing quite like a good harem anime. There is potential in the genre when accompanied by deep plot points. Examples include a powerful protagonist, magical elements, and a detailed world.

Arata, the protagonist, is suddenly thrust into a world of despair when he loses his family and friends. However, he learns that his childhood friend is still alive and embraces the world of magic to find her. 

He suddenly finds himself surrounded by beautiful mages, each with powerful abilities. Lilith is one of those mages. She is also the one that saves him from self-destruction at the beginning of the show

Lilith is morally upright, contrasting Arata’s usual lude disposition. However, she and the other girls often find themselves in compromising situations around Arata.

She has striking red hair and an amazing figure. Lilith often turns bright red whenever thrust into an uncomfortable situation. 

Lilith is also a teacher and is responsible for her friends and allies. While she usually wears the academy uniform, she is seen in different attire throughout the show.

The characters change outfits when they activate their magus mode on the show. Lilith’s attire is especially revealing, with nothing but thin cloth protecting her body. She is sexy in every sense of the word and deserves to be on this list.

Boa Hancock (One Piece)

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Bust (cm)111
Waist (cm)61
Hips (cm)91

There’s nothing quite like a good pirate adventure story. It involves a tale of sailing the seven seas, the promise of treasure, and beautiful women. 

One Piece takes place in a vast world unlike anything seen in fiction. The entire show is a collection of tales that one would often hear on a pirate ship.

Boa Hancock is a woman of legendary beauty even in the show. The protagonist and his crew hear stories about a beautiful woman who can turn men to stone at a glance. In addition, she is an exceptionally tall woman with ample proportions

She is so stunning that she often has men fawning over her at a single glance. Luffy is the only man that is immune to her charms. She falls in love with him at some point during the show and becomes fiercely protective whenever he is involved. 

Hancock is usually level-headed and cold, but her personality shifts whenever Luffy is involved. She looks down on others so much that she can often be seen looking up. This is a running gag in the show. 

Despite this, she is caring and shy when around Luffy.

Yaoyoruzu Momo (My Hero Academia)

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Bust (cm)88
Waist (cm)60
Hips (cm)85

The superhero franchise is one of the most popular in the world. However, while it is popular in western comics, that isn’t the case in the east. My Hero Academia is an example of an anime that does the superhero theme justice.

In the show, people are born with special powers called quirks. While it is common, the main character, Deku,  is born without one. All he wants to do is become a hero. But, he gets a chance when the world’s strongest Hero gets involved.

New Heroes are trained in various academies; the most distinguished of which is U.A. Deku ends up going to U.A and forms bonds with his new classmates and allies. Each has unique abilities, and Momo’s ability is the creation quirk. 

She can create non-organic items from her fat if she understands the molecular structure. She requires large areas of exposed skin because of her powers. Her hero costume accentuates her slim figure. 

Momo is a level-headed, intelligent person. She is incredibly skilled and earned the title of class vice-president. She seems to have a crush on Todoroki Shoto and occasionally acts flustered around him.

Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)

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Bust (cm)87
Waist (cm)54
Hips (cm)85

There are thousands of shows in Anime, but very few can get the community to agree collectively. For better or worse, Akame Ga Kill is popular in the community. It is famous for its fight scenes and tragic deaths. 

Esdeath is a key character on the show. She is the main antagonist and forms a love-hate relationship with the main protagonist. 

Esdeath is strong and sadistic in her proceedings. She believes that the ends justify the means and would kill an innocent for her goals

While she shows no emotions throughout the show, she is different around the main character. She falls in love with him midway through the show and asks him to join her. Unfortunately, Tatsumi doesn’t feel the same way, and it shapes the plot in many ways. 

Esdeath usually wears her signature white ensemble with a low neckline displaying the mark on her chest. She is confident, calculating, and cunning. She commands respect from her subordinates and cares for those who work with her. 

She is not above killing anyone who tries to hurt Tatsumi. Esdeath and Tatsumi stood on opposite sides, but her love for him was all that mattered to her.

Rias Gremory (Highschool DxD)

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Bust (cm)99
Waist (cm)58
Hips (cm)90

Highschool DxD is a feel-good show that always draws you back. It takes the Highschool setting and adds a supernatural element. The show features demons, gods, and angels roaming freely in and about the school. 

The anime follows the adventures of Issei, a high schooler that joins Kuoh Academy. Kuoh Academy is a former all-girls school that suddenly becomes co-ed. His life changes when he encounters Rias Gremory. She resurrects him as a demon and a member of her family.

Rias is an incredibly beautiful girl with long crimson red hair that falls as low as her thighs. In addition, she has stunning blue eyes and is generally regarded as an untouchable beauty by everyone in the school. Her figure is impressive, even to Issei and his lecherous friends. 

Rias is kind but firm when necessary. She loves and cares for every member of her family. Issei is special. They form a deep bond through the course of the show. She is willing to go to any lengths if her family is put in danger

Rias usually wears the school uniform, which looks amazing on her. However, she was seen in several different outfits during the show. Highschool DxD blurs the line between ecchi and porn. 

As such, Rias’s amazing figure has been displayed numerous times.

Lust (FMAB)

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Bust (cm)93
Waist (cm)59
Hips (cm)90

The greatest anime of all time is a sensitive topic that often creates havoc. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is a show that is in contention for the title. 

The story takes place in a steampunk-styled European Industrial setting. It follows the adventures of the Elric brothers on their quest to find the philosopher’s stone. They hope to use the stone to regain their bodies.

The story is well written, with various unique and interesting characters. Each person is fueled by ambition, driving them toward their actions. One of such characters is Lust.

Lust is the embodiment of the main antagonist’s Lust. While slightly flirtatious, she acts more as the object of others’ lust. She uses her victims as objects to achieve her master’s goals. 

Lust is an incredibly attractive woman with long black hair falling past her shoulders and stark red eyes. She wears a full-length black dress with elbow-length gloves. 

Lust is a master of desire and was seen manipulating even strong-willed people during the show. Her powers of seduction are not to be underestimated. Unfortunately, she is also very sadistic and takes pleasure in torturing her opponents.

Albedo (Overlord)

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Bust (cm)94
Waist (cm)59
Hips (cm)88

What would you do if you were suddenly trapped in a video game? While this premise has been explored in other anime titles, Overlord managed to put a positive spin on it. 

The show occurs in the RPG world of Yggdrasil, a game meant to shut down. Momonga is the protagonist. He chooses to remain online while his friends log off. For some reason, the Server doesn’t shut down when it is supposed to.

There are a variety of interesting characters in the show due to the genre. Formidable characters guard Momonga’s home base, and Albedo stands above them all. 

Albedo is a succubus that Momonga reprograms to fall in love with him. As a result, she shows fierce loyalty and affection when Momonga is concerned. Albedo is a succubus described as a worldly beauty on the show. 

She has long black hair, the face of a goddess, and golden eyes. She also has jet-black wings protruding from her lower back and horns on her head. Albedo is incredibly attractive but only has eyes for Momonga

She occasionally displays fierce jealousy when other women on the show try to get close to Momonga. However, she is supposedly fine with Momonga taking multiple wives. Momonga’s love and respect is her greatest desire.

Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui)

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Bust (cm)88
Waist (cm)56
Hips (cm)84

One huge positive about the Anime scene is that you have shows representing a variety of niches. For example, no show is as popular in the gambling anime scene as Kakegurui. 

Kakegurui’s events take place in Hyakkaou academy. This prestigious school hosts the children of some of the most influential figures in society. The hierarchy within the school is decided by gambling. 

The main character, Jabami Yumeko, is newly transferred at the beginning of the series. She seems sweet and innocent at first glance but is later revealed to be a compulsive gambler. Yumeko turns the school on its head with her exceptional gambling skills

Yumeko is a beautiful girl with long black hair and dark red eyes. Her eyes light up during the excitement of gambling. She has an amazing figure and usually only wears the school uniform. Yumeko finds gambling oddly exciting and occasionally spasms when put in tough chance situations.

Mappa studios did an excellent job of animating the show. They often expressed Yumeko’s excitement through gestures similar to sexual excitement. The show features other shapely characters, but Yumeko stands out the most

She doesn’t seem to have any romantic interests thus far and is wholly focused on the thrill of gambling.

Erina Nakiri (Food Wars)

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Bust (cm)88
Waist (cm)56
Hips (cm)87

Food in anime is a heavily discussed topic. Certain animators have the uncanny ability to make animated food look irresistible. Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) beautifully showcases this technique.

Food Wars follows the adventures of Soma; a boy brought up in the restaurant business. However, his cooking experience is tested when his father decides to close up shop and do some traveling. 

Soma is sent to the major setting of the show, Totsuki Culinary Academy. He faces many challenges at the school, the first of which is the entrance test. Soma is asked to make a dish to wow Nakiri Erina, one of the academy’s top students. 

He succeeds, but she fails him due to the simplicity of his dish. This is the first interaction between the pair. Erina takes pride in her cooking skills and Palate. She isn’t very social at the show’s beginning but grows in this aspect as the plot progresses. 

Erina has long honey-blonde hair that falls just below her back. Her eyes are purple-pinkish, and her disposition is often seen as cold. She is generally regarded as an extreme beauty by her peers and is called the Ice-queen

Miu Furinji (Kenichi)

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Bust (cm)93
Waist (cm)58
Hips (cm)90

Martial Arts play a key role in many Anime plots. While they could sometimes be a sub-plot, Martial Arts truly shine when a show is built around them. A great example is the Anime, History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi.

Kenichi is a Koryo Highschool student who suffers from intense bullying. His life changes for the better when he meets Miu Furinji and is introduced to the world of martial arts. He trains intensely throughout the show to defend himself and those he cares about.

Miu Furinji is an essential character in the plot. She is the granddaughter of one of the martial arts masters on the show. Miu spent most of her early life training with her grandfather and is quite adept at martial arts

She can be very absent-minded sometimes and would often wander off to chase a cat. She also has a bad habit of throwing anyone that walks up behind her

Miu has stark blue eyes and long blonde hair that stops above her waist. She is very curvy and attracts attention at her new school. Kenichi has a crush on her that grows as the series progresses.

Miu is often light-hearted, but she can be intense when fighting.

Mei Terumi (Naruto)

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Bust (cm)87
Waist (cm)58
Hips (cm)90

Very few titles have earned themselves a space in the Anime hall of fame. A more notable example is the sensational Ninja-themed anime, Naruto.

Naruto is set in a fictional world divided into five major nations. Each nation’s political system revolves around Ninja villages. The villages function normally for the most part but also have a system dedicated to training and employing skilled Ninjas.

The show’s events follow the adventures of Naruto, a young man who loses his parents at birth. He fights to be recognized by his peers and the villagers. Naruto is thrust into many challenging situations. However, he overcomes these hard spots with sheer tenacity. 

The Kages are leaders of the ninja villages. The leader of the village hidden in the mist is known as the Mizukage. Various great ninjas have held the title, the most notable of which is Mei Terumi. 

Mei assumes power during the show’s events and tries to guide the village down a more righteous path.

Mei has fair skin, green eyes, and ankle-length auburn hair. She has a slender frame and an amazing figure. She can occasionally be flirtatious and is generally sensitive about her relationship life

Mei doesn’t like to talk about her age.

Hestia (Danmachi)

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Bust (cm)85
Waist (cm)50
Hips (cm)83

The fantasy genre is overly saturated both in popular media and in Anime. As a result, it’s hard to find a good fantasy show to watch. Danmachi is another great example of a fantasy anime done right. 

The show takes place in the fictional city of Orario. Gods occupy the city, choosing to limit their powers so they can experience what the human world has to offer. They each retain a collection of adventurers and support staff called a Familia. 

The show follows the story of Bell Cranel, a young adventurer who joins the Hestia Familia. Hestia is considered a major goddess, but the merits of joining her are very limited. As such, Bell becomes the first member of her familia. 

Hestia is a kind goddess who does not discriminate and believes in giving everyone a chance. But, she falls in love with Bell and often acts jealous when she sees him with other girls. 

Hestia’s main attire is a short white dress with a deep neckline. She also wears a blue bow around her neck and under her boobs.

Hestia has long black hair tied up in twin tails which fall to her mid-thigh. She has deep blue eyes and a charming smile.

Rize Kamishiro (Tokyo Ghoul)

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While Gory Anime is a niche sub-genre, it has its dedicated audience. A few notable titles in this genre are classic shows like Elfen Lied and, more recently, Tokyo Ghoul.

The Anime is set in an alternate modern-day Tokyo where ghouls live among humans. However, ghouls can only survive by eating human flesh, and this causes conflict during the show. 

We follow the tragic adventures of Kaneki Ken, a student who a ghoul hunts down. Unfortunately, when they meet, he becomes attracted to her, and she baits him into a trap. 

They both end up in a horrific accident. The doctor transplants Rize’s organs into Kaneki.

Rize has purple hair and matching eyes. Her sclera turns black, and her Irises red when she uses her powers. Rize is attractive enough to use herself as bait.

She was widely known as the Binge Eater due to her habits of continually hunting down and devouring humans. She seemed cruel and cold during her interaction with Kaneki before a steel beam crushed them.

Rize only appears at the show’s beginning and later in Kaneki’s head. 

Satsuki Momoi

Sports are exciting! This excitement carries over to media that embody the spirit of sports. A great example is the massively popular basketball Anime, Kuroko no Basket. 

The series takes place in Japan, where Highschool basketball has a hyper-competitive scene. The show kicks off right when a group of boys known as the generation of miracles, enter high school.

Kagami Taiga is a talented basketball player and the main character. He sees the generation of miracles as a challenge and hopes to surpass them with Tetsuya Kuroko’s help.

Satsuki Momoi was once the team manager for the generation of miracles. She has lower-back length pink hair and matching eyes. Momoi has an impressive bust size and is often wearing her school uniform. She sometimes throws on a blue sweater as well. 

Momoi falls in love with Kuroko in middle school and feels the same way even after the team splits. She is generally very easy-going but becomes serious when basketball is involved. 

Momoi is a very talented manager who can read an athlete’s condition at a single glance. She can be ruthless when analyzing a game and even sets her feelings for Kuroko aside when their teams face off.

Yuuna Yunohana (Yuuna and the Haunted Hotsprings)

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Bust (cm)93
Waist (cm)57
Hips (cm)85

Fan service in Anime has been paired with several different genres over the years. Yuuna and the Haunted Hotsprings pairs the expected fan service of ecchi with a supernatural plot. 

The show’s main setting is the Yuragi Inn and Hotsprings. Yuuna and the Haunted Hotsprings follows the adventures of Kogarashi. 

He is an unlucky high schooler who finally catches a break when he finds an affordable place to live. 

Kogarashi unknowingly finds himself sharing his new room with Yuuna-san, the ghost of a teenage girl

This marks the beginnings of Kogarashi’s misadventures with the inn’s tenants. However, it is also the beginning of his quest to uncover the secrets surrounding Yuuna’s death.

Yuuna is the ghost of a girl with long white hair and red eyes. She often wears a robe over a white, patterned Yukata. However, she can change her attire and wears clothes to fit the occasion.

Yuuna is a restless sleeper and often wakes up in compromising situations involving Kogarashi. She is a voluptuous girl with a kind heart and a nervous attitude. Yuuna shows more concern for others than herself and is a very likable character. 

She develops feelings for Kogarashi during the show and sees the other girls as her rivals. 

Shizuka Marikawa (High School of the Dead)

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Bust (cm)108
Waist (cm)62
Hips (cm)95

Works of fiction have tried severally to represent what a post-apocalyptic world could look like. For example, a common theme in recent post-apocalyptic movies is a world overrun by zombies. High School of the dead is a good example of an Anime in this genre. 

Events of the show take place in modern-day Japan when a pandemic turns people into zombies. A rag-tag group of high schoolers from Fujimi high school are forced to rely on their wit to survive the chaos.

Shizuka is the school nurse at Fujimi Highschool. She is fortunate enough to escape the school with the group and acts as a medical aid as the story unfolds. She is significantly older than the other girls in the group. 

Shizuka is somewhat ditzy and can be oblivious even in situations involving the zombies. She is also emotionally fragile and worries about what life will be like after the outbreak. 

Shizuka has long blonde hair and is a tall, buxom beauty. She has ridiculous curves, accentuated by her large breasts. 

Shizuka wears a white dress shirt over a brown skirt at the show’s beginning. She changes her attire twice and spends most of her time naked when they reach her friend’s apartment

There are moments when Shizuka becomes serious and steps up. She feels responsible for the team and tries to be there when they need her. She is also the designated driver.


Here you have a brief look at some of the sexiest girls in anime.

It’s easy to see why they are largely beloved. While these characters are amazing to look at, they are also incredibly well written. As a result, they can be vital to the shows they appear in. 

Consider this your first step toward properly appreciating some of the sexiest anime girls of all time.

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