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Does Gaara Die in Naruto?

Naruto took mainstream media by storm in the late 2010s and has been a mainstay in Anime culture ever since. Naruto has some iconic unforgettable characters, like Gaara. Gaara suffered Greatly during the show, but did he die?

Facts and Theories about Gaara


Naruto boasts an impressive roster of memorable characters. Gaara makes his first appearance on the show during the chunin exam arc.

Gaara starts as a short character with fair skin, short auburn hair, and green eyes. As the show progresses, he grows taller, but his characteristic features stay the same. 

As a child, Gaara preferred to wear a black, short-sleeved body suit, a long white shawl, and standard ninja sandals. As an adult, he switched the black body suit for a brown shirt and matching pants.

Gaara has black rings surrounding his eyes. This is a result of his insomnia as a child. He would force himself to stay awake, fearing the monster within him would take over. 

Combat Skill and Prowess

Gaara is a skilled ninja. His village raised him to be the ultimate weapon, and he grew up to be formidable. 

Young Gaara was strong enough to fend off high-ranked assassins and immobilize foes with minimal effort. Gaara grew up in the hidden village of the sand, or Sunagakure. The village made the ultimate weapon by sealing a tailed beast in Gaara as soon as he was born.

Gaara developed the power to control sand thanks to the tailed beast sealed inside of him. He usually carries a large sand gourd on his back. The gourd contains sand infused with his chakra, which he can use to fight. 

While Gaara prefers to use the sand in his gourd, he can also control the sand around him. He does this by infusing his chakra into the sand. Gaara can also use his sand to break down rocks and create more sand.

Gaara’s skills as a ninja improve as he grows older. He eventually becomes the Hokage of his village through hard work and earns the respect of the people around him.


Gaara was a caring child. People tended to avoid him because of the tailed beast sealed within, but he tried to connect with people.

Gaara was content despite his lack of friends because he had his mother’s love and a friend named Yashamaru. But, Gaara’s father believed they were making him soft and ordered Yashamaru to try and kill him. 

Gaara becomes cold and uncaring after that incident, killing without mercy and thinking of only himself. Naturally, this causes people to dislike and fear him even more. 

Gaara reverts to his once caring self after encountering Naruto, the show’s protagonist. Naruto shows Gaara that true strength comes from the people around you, and he begins to repair his relationships. 

Gaara is well-liked toward the end of the show, and he comes to understand how important his allies are.

What Episode Does Gaara Die, and How?

Gaara is a Jinchuriki. He carries a tailed beast, and eight others are on the show. These monsters are highly sought after in the ninja world because they provide power.

Gaara dies in Episode 17 of the Naruto Shippuden show when the tailed beast within him is removed. His friends come to his rescue, but it is too late by then. 

He is revived shortly after by Granny Chiyo, an elder in his village, at the cost of her life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who kills Gaara?

Deidara, a member of the Akatsuki, killed Gaara.

How many times does Gaara die?

Gaara dies one time and is immediately brought back to life.

Which episode does Gaara come back?

Episode 199, during the five Kage summit.

Does Gaara die in season 3?

Gaara dies in season 3 after his tailed beast is extracted from him. However, he is revived by Granny Chiyo.

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