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Encanto Family Tree – Who Is In the Madrigal Family?

Have you ever considered your family tree?


It’s essential to your family’s history. A family tree makes a vital part of who a person is. It shows a person where they’ve come from as well as their familial relations.

With that in mind:

The family tree is part of what makes Encanto so noteworthy.

That’s right.

A family tree plays a big role in Encanto.

But how?

Well, the Madrigal family in the Disney film Encanto has many unique and magical people living together in their Casita in Colombia.

The family’s strong connections with one another are a critical part of the story and are well-represented in their family tree.

That said:

Here’s a look at the Madrigal family tree and how it plays out in Encanto. To recap, the tree includes thirteen people, with a fourteenth person eventually joining later.

So, who are these people? And where do they appear on the family tree?

Let’s take a look.

The First Generation – Alma & Pedro

From the story…

The Madrigal family tree all begins with a young married couple – Alma and Pedro, or Abuela and Abuelo as the family calls them now.

Who are these two?

Pedro was killed in an attack when he, Alma, and the rest of her village were trying to flee their original home. This happens shortly after the birth of the three Madrigal triplets.


This emotional scene (Pedro’s death) sets the stage for the entire film


Well, right before Pedro turns back to face the fast-approaching attackers, he first bids farewell to Alma and their triplets. And leaves her with a candle in hand.

Notably, at that time, Alma is visibly befuddled – which is understandable given their predicament. 


Alma breaks down in tears when the attackers catch up to her husband and kill him

And some argue that her pain and tears, at that exact moment, are what prompted the candle’s magic and the formation of Encanto.

Hence, their salvation.


Salvation came at a cost.   

While this miracle saves Alma and her children, it also separates her from Pedro’s body. So, she never gets the chance to give him a proper burial. 

And that leads to Abuela working hard – today – to ensure her family tree is always safe.

It also makes Abuela a little too protective of everyone else. 

But as the oldest in the family and the keeper of the flame, she remains the matriarch of the Madrigals.

The Second Generation –

Alma and Pedro’s Triplets


The triplets that Alma and Pedro had shortly before Pedro’s death continue to live with Alma in their Casita, although one of them has been shunned.

So, who are these three?

Pepa, Julieta, and Bruno.

These three make up much of the second generation of the Madrigal family.

Two of them have three children each, while the third has been frowned upon by everyone else.

In brief:

Pepa has the ability to control the weather based on her mood.

Julieta is a talented chef who can heal people with her food.

Bruno isn’t talked about much, but his ability to see the future is essential. The fact that many of his visions foresee negative events makes it hard for people to trust him.


The family eventually realizes Bruno’s value to the family as the film progresses. And soon includes him in the family tree even though he wasn’t there at the start.

Members through Mariage – Felix, and Agustin


Not everyone in the family tree was born into it.


We know they are still essential members of the family. Who are they?


Felix is Pepa’s husband and father to her three children.

Agustin is Julieta’s husband and also fathered her three children.


These two family members do not have magical powers, as they come from outside Casita.


Felix’s ability to calm Pepa is critical to ensuring the weather doesn’t become worse. And Agustin is a real charmer who keeps his side of the Madrigal family tree grounded.

Felix and Agustin prove that even those who don’t have magic are essential to the Madrigal family. Their down-to-earth qualities make it easier for them to fit in.

The Third Generation

Pepa and Felix’s Side

Felix and Pepa’s side of the family added three more branches to the family tree; i.e. Dolores(oldest), Camilo, and Antonio.

In brief:

  • Dolores’ gift is that she can hear anything.
  • Camilo has shapeshifting powers.
  • Antonio can communicate with animals, many of who live on or near the Casita. This gift proves critical later, as Antonio can talk to and hear Bruno’s rats.

The three children are positive influences on each other, but some people have concerns about them. They worry their behaviors could get them in trouble.

Some argue that Dolores is too much of a busybody because she knows everything happening in the family. Also, Camilo is more of a trickster who hasn’t found his place in the family.

Agustin and Julieta’s Side

We can’t forget about the other half of the third generation.

Who are they?


Isabela, Louisa, and Mirabel are the three children from oldest to youngest on Agustin and Julieta’s side of the family.

  • Mirabel is the only one of the children who doesn’t have a magical power.
  • Isabela can make flowers and plants grow anywhere.
  • Luisa has superhuman strength.

Naturally, you’d expect people to treat them differently for various reasons.

And you’re right…Sort of.

People in the family often give Mirabel a hard time because of her lack of magical powers. 

But Mirabel eventually becomes the most critical member of the family when she discovers Casita is under threat.

On another note:

Isabela is often expected to be perfect because of her unique ability, while people assume Luisa must be tough and capable at all times. 

But the family starts to notice later that it’s fine to be imperfect.

Future Member of the Family Tree – Mariano Guzman

Without a doubt:

Every family tree has a chance to grow and that’s true for the Madrigal family. Sooner or later, Mariano Guzman will become a part of the Madrigal family tree.

But how will he get there?

Here’s a hint:

It won’t be the way most of us assume.

Yes, people anticipate him to be Isabela’s future husband, but Isabela doesn’t have the same feelings for him as he does.

On the other hand:

During the family dinner, it doesn’t take long for Mariano to realize that Dolores loves him the most. Mariano discovers that everyone in the family has different needs, and he can’t assume things.


So, what have we learned here?

It’s simple:

The Madrigal family tree in Encanto includes many people who have varying relationships with one another, but they all respect one another in many ways.

Even with a 13-member family tree, the family is set to increase their numbers as the third generation marries. 

And without a doubt, each character is a part of what makes Encanto such a unique film.

With that in mind…

Feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions on this in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the family members in Encanto?

There are twelve living members of the Madrigal family in Encanto, with a thirteenth member having died nearly fifty years before the events of the film.

There’s also an additional person who will probably join the Madrigal family tree in the future.

What is the family order in Encanto?

Pedro and Alma are in the first generation, while Pepa, Bruno, and Julieta are in the second generation. Felix and Agustin married into the second generation.

The six children in the third generation are between the two halves of the family. Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio are on Pepa’s side, while Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel are on Julieta’s side. Mariano will eventually be a part of the third generation when he marries one of the women.

Are Luisa and Isabella twins?

Isabella is a few years older than Louisa. Notably, Pepa, Bruno, and Julieta are triplets, but everyone else is a single birth.

Who is the oldest sibling in the Encanto family?

Dolores and Isabela are both twenty-one years of age, but they were born on different days. Details on which one is older are unknown.

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