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Watching Guide: How Many Episodes of HXH Are There?


Since this is a decade-old shonen anime with multiple and exciting arcs, it can be hard to keep track of episode numbers. 


One thing is for certain – HxH has numerous action-packed episodes. So, if you’ve been asking – how many episodes of HxH are there?

This post is for you. 


I’m going to walk you through a few cool facts about HxH, including the number of episodes in the series so far. 


Let’s get to it….

Quick Stats on Hunter x Hunter


As it stands, there are a total of 148 episodes of Hunter x Hunter spread across 6 seasons. 

However, information concerning the unique circumstances surrounding the series’ official broadcast is not so easy to obtain. 

What’s more?

The series was first aired in October 1999. But has, since then, been on multiple TV networks and streaming services


The availability of this anime series on different streaming services has not been a straightforward affair.

And that has raised a lot of questions…

Not to worry, though:I’ve got you covered. 

Here are some important points that’ll give prospective viewers a better understanding of the adventures of Gon and Killua.

Let’s take a look at the anime’s most popular seasons…

Season 4: Greed Island Arc


In season four of HxH, Gon’s long quest to reunite with his father lands him and Killua on Greed Island. 


This new season introduces a massive new island and a rare game with intricate rules. Plus, the details perfectly complement the impressive nature of the show’s world-building.

Get this:

As the duo tries to master the new game, a number of truths start to surface; including the fact that Ging (Gon’s Father) played a part in the creation of Greed Island. 

Intriguing, right?

Anyway, Gon and Killua soon realise that getting to Greed Island was the easy part. Because the game’s challenges prove too difficult for them to handle… 

But, that’s up until they meet Biscuit Krueger

Thereafter, the three of them train harder and, in the end, are able to complete the game; thus, bringing Gon one step closer to finding Ging


For those who’ve been asking – How many episodes does Season 4 of HXH have?

The season contains 17 episodes and was released on Netflix on July 29, 2020.

Season 5: Chimera Ant Arc


In the fifth season of HxH, Gon travelled to East Gorteau in order to avenge his deceased companion, Kite.

Reason being:

The republic had been overrun by a dangerous species called Chimera Ants. With one of the new King’s royal guards, Neferpitou, being responsible for Kite’s death.

Interestingly enough:

The Chimera Ants had boundless potential for evolution, making some of them extremely powerful beings. Using this unparalleled power, they were bound to expand and take over the world.

Pretty scary, right?

Luckily for the Hunters, however, they had powerful individuals of their own within their ranks. With the chairman Netero facing off against the seemingly invulnerable Ant King Meruem.

As for Gon’s personal Vendetta…

The young protagonist unleashed an intimidating aura of Nen, which compelled Neferpitou to comply with his demands. Which were to restore Kite’s mind from his body and bring him back to life.

When they are unable to do so, Gon summons a tremendous amount of power and completely decimates them. Though seemingly at the cost of his life.


To answer the question you’ve been asking- How many episodes does season five of HxH have?

The fifth season of HxH has 64 episodes, and is by far the longest in the series. 

Season 6: Election Arc

In the final season:

With Gon in critical condition, Killua is determined to save his life using the powers of his sister Alluka.


The Zodiacs, an exceptional group of Hunters within the Hunter Association, are tasked with electing a new chairman. Fascinatingly enough, Gon’s father Ging is revealed to be a member of this group.


Killua is able to control Alluka’s power and with it, revives Gon to peak condition. Gon then finally meets Ging and the latter is uncontrollably emotional.

During the final episode, the duo has a heart-to-heart and the season ends on a touching note.

You might be wondering:

How many episodes are in season 6?

Well, the sixth season has 12 episodes, and its first episode aired on July 9, 2014. Whereas the final episode aired on September 24, 2014

A Few Streaming Service Updates


You may be asking – What year did Netflix add more episodes of Hunter x Hunter?

The thing is:

Despite the uninterrupted broadcasts of episodes on Japanese stations, the Hunter x Hunter Netflix release came in different parts. With only the first 4 seasons being available as of July 29, 2020.

The streaming service however later released the last two seasons on August 1, 2021.

 You might also want to know – is HxH leaving HBO Max?

Well get this:

HBO Max removed all HxH episodes from their platform around late July 2022. 

Users of the streaming service took to social media to vent their frustrations. As there was no prior announcement from the company.

What does this mean? Unfortunately, we will see no more of Hunter x Hunter on the website for now. However, that could change following the acquisition of a new licensing agreement. 

Let’s Round It All Up

Just so we’re clear.

Hunter x Hunter is a series with multiple interesting story arcs that aren’t difficult to get your head around. 

Still, they’re not easy to follow, with streaming inconveniences lurking at every corner.

In order to support your favourite mangaka and their creation, however, the inconvenience may be necessary. 

That said:

Feel free to share your thoughts on Hunter x Hunter including the difficulties you’ve encountered while trying to stream this anime.

I’ll try to help you as much as I can.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hunter x Hunter Seasons

Are There More Than Six Seasons Of Hunter X Hunter?

At the time of writing this article, only six seasons of Hunter x Hunter are available. However, after his long hiatus, the series author recently continued his work on the manga. This means fans can be optimistic about the anime’s return, as there will be more content to adapt.

Is Hunter x Hunter Finished?

Despite the absence of concrete news on the anime return date, the story has made significant progress in its manga. This means the future awaiting the anime remains vague, but the story itself is largely unfinished.

Is Hunter X Hunter Done After Season 6?

Since the author resumed writing, there has been increased speculation regarding the anime’s return. However, it is not a straightforward process. Fans can be optimistic, though, since the popularity of the manga greatly increases the possibility of future anime adaptations.

Is Hunter x Hunter Finished 2021?

There were many doubts about the story’s continuation following the mangaka’s prolonged hiatus. However, with Togashi’s return came the continuation of the manga and possibly the anime somewhere down the line. So no, Hunter x Hunter is not finished just yet.

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