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Is Naruto’s Voice Actor Dead?

Acting is a difficult yet rewarding career path. It takes a lot of work and effort to bring a role to life. This is especially true for voice acting

We know:

Voice actors train intensively to represent our favorite animated characters accurately. As such, voice acting is a very passionate career path.


No one expresses passion in voice acting better than Japanese voice actors. And one of the most memorable voices is that of Naruto Uzumaki

Who Voiced Naruto?

Naruto Uzumaki is a well-known anime character. Many anime fans were introduced to the genre thanks to Naruto.

As such:

Naruto has one of the most recognizable voices in all of Anime. 

In theory:

A person should be able to identify Naruto’s voice by just listening to it


While Naruto’s voice is easily recognized, not many people know who is responsible for the performance

You see:

Naruto has had the same Japanese voice actor since the show started in 2002. So, who voice acted Naruto?


Junko Takeuchi is the voice of Naruto Uzumaki in the Japanese dub of Naruto. Takeuchi-san voice acted Naruto in part 1, part 2, and Boruto.

Early Years

Junko Takeuchi didn’t start out as a voice actor


She studied at the Nihon University college of arts for two years. Nihon University is one of Japan’s leading private universities

We know:

Junko-san studied ballet and piano for seven years as a child. She later put her piano skills to good use by giving private lessons


Junko-san worked as a shoe salesperson before she joined the BQ Map Theater company


From this deep dive into live-theater, Junko-san later got the opportunity to become a voice actor.

Iconic Voice Roles

Chances are you have heard Junko-san’s voice.


While Junko-san is mostly known for her role as Naruto, she has voice-acted many memorable anime characters over the years. 

Did you know:

Junko-san voice acted Gon Freecs in the 1999 iteration of HunterxHunter. Gon is another example of an interesting and endearing protagonist


Junko-san brought the role to life. It’s a shame that the 1999 HunterxHunter remains incomplete to this day. 


Junko-san is the voice of Mokuba Kaiba in the widely popular show Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. Mokuba is Seto’s little brother


The list goes on and on. Japanese studios recognize Junko-san’s skills, and she has landed many roles over the years. 

The Success of Naruto

While Junko-san has voice-acted many familiar characters over the years, Naruto is easily the most memorable.

You see:

Junko-san has been the voice of Naruto since the show’s inception in 2002. She has brought the role to life in so many ways.


She has helped put Naruto on the map. She is part of the reason the show has a mainstream appeal


Naruto is an easily relatable character, whether or not you are an anime fan. This would not be the case if Junko-san hadn’t accurately portrayed Naruto on the show


Naruto and Naruto-Shippuden have won a long list of awards over the years. It’s inspiring to see how a team can come together to make a great work of media

Is Takeuchi Juno Dead?

Now that we know who voiced Naruto, we can answer the ultimate question. Is Junko-san dead?


Takeuchi Junko has been voice acting since the early 2000s. She voice acted Naruto Uzumaki in the original show, the sequel, and all the movies


Is she dead? 


No, she is not. In fact, she is currently voicing Naruto in the Boruto series


We have taken a look at the life and career of a great woman. Junko Takeuchi has made many childhoods a lot more memorable


She brings her roles to life and pours her heart into every project she touches.


She is still alive. We sit patiently and wonder what she plans to do next

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did the actor of Naruto die?

Junko Takeuchi, the Naruto voice actor, is still alive.

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